Friday, November 30, 2007

Concert from my comfy office chair..

Well not so much comfy but just fine.
But the concert was quite enjoyable.

Bebel Gilberto

What can I say I'm on the prowl for good enjoyable music.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

This is what I'm talking about

Just dance like know one is watching. I bet this guy is having a great day!!

Happy HUMP DAY everyone!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

it just occurred to me

I've a blogging without obligations button. And then I joined the NaBloPoMo.
Hmmmm? See anything wrong there?

Well I tried and I just couldn't handle it, but I won't apologize. okay well maybe I will a little bit.

I just can't blog tonight.
I have some knitting fo that i will post soon.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Music it runs in my veins...

It is something that I really need other than, food, water, and shelter.
vitamin M.

I've had moments of depression and or just dull days.
And then I take a moment and reflect back on those days. To see what has been missing. What was the common denominator. And with 100% certainty I can tell you that it has been the lack of music in my day.

when was the last time you shut off your tv and turned on the radio or played some tunes on full volume. When was the last time you just belted out a tune off key and all. Do it I dare you!! Sing like no one is listening and dance your tushy off like no one is watching. It feels so good. Let loose.

So I put a short play list of songs that I really dig. some have some meaning to them, some don't. Some I just love the beat, some inspire me. Some remind of people I really love, and others just remind of a really good day I had.


p.s. This play list will definitely be changing from time to time because my taste are very eclectic. So stay tuned.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Dance that meal away.

Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings; 100 days 100 nights

Jamiroquai, You Blow Mind

Momma (that's me.) had the whole bottom floor to herself for a little while. While she did her cooking today. :D

I have to say that was great. I had a little groove going (until I hit a snag in my operation....eeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrcrash). So while I did my cooking I hooked up my ipod and the new songs I added. Lots of booty shakin and twirlin going on (of course I waited to put the knife down before I did any fancy foot work).

Everyone showed up we ate, we got sleepy, we cleaned the kitchen and now it's time to get back to business. I really want to increase my HTML or XHTML skills so I might try out a few new things here. OR. I will hook up one of my own domains, with some cool things. Stay tuned.

This has been a rough year for us, as well as a great year. (Sometimes I write in stupid...enidish) We've had some really high highs, and some awful hope it never happens to anyone lows. But the big picture we are all still together, one family all important parties present. I have had some friends really step for me when I've needed them most. My mom is still with me. For that I am eternally grateful. For every breathe my children take I am eternally grateful. For coming out of surgery with all the right pieces missing and zero complications, I am thankful. For the husband that puts up with my crap, I am *Sigh*

To the person that reads my dorky posts. YOU ROCK!!! and THANX!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My bad..ooops

I know I know, Thanksgiving isn't even here yet and I have already put up my blog tree.

But I seem to have made a big mistake.
I put some initial packages under my tree and they were meant to be for my friends. But now that I look at this thing I've realized that it's only set for receiving. That sucks I thought it would be cool if it were both. Seems kind of self centered. Here I put a tree up so you could give me stuff. LOL

I know it's only make believe.

Any how. Happy Thanksgiving, all!! I hope it's safe, I hope it's full of all your favorite people, and I hope there is plenty of the things that make you happy.


Friday, November 16, 2007

A little warm sake....

A little warm sake will make it all better.
Little is the key word here, doesn't take much sake to take an effect on me.
It doesn't take much of anything to affect me especially since it isn't often that I have any alcohol.

I found yet again something folded up and shoved in my front door. But this time it was a delivery flyer. wokonwheels I think it is. I was so excited so naturally it's friday I don't want to cook. Long story short we decided it would be best to pay cash. So then I'd have to go get cash That just doesn't make sense. There is a delivery fee for the wokonwheels, and then if i go get money there is an atm fee, and not to mention the gas i use going on the little errand. I'll just go get it myself.

So I picked up little E from his friends house and we went to grab some grub. YUM YUM.
First stop a little restaurant down the street, where I ordered way to much food as usual but at we will have lunch for tomorrow. While we waited we went next door to this Asian market. My son was very interested in finding moon cakes. no moon cakes but we found Mung bean cakes (I'm sure they are of no relation. I've had a moon cake but I can't remember what it looked like or tasted it like it was a while back), and something else that he saw and wanted to try. We walked up and down the isles. This place is great. It's small but it's inventory is very very expansive, everything tightly showcased in short isles of this long little supermarket. I want to say they've got everything you can imagine, it's great. I could spend hours just studying everything and then picking out the right new thing to try. Frozen foods, fresh fish, they even had Roasted ducks, and roasted pork ready to eat. At the back of the store they have this cart and with a small selection of bright red roasted ducks neck and all. One day when I'm in the mood for duck and brave I just might give it a try.
Any how I knew I wanted a little bit of sake so I found my appropriate isle and
began starring at the sake bottle like a little kid in a candy store. In the end I selected a Sho Chiku Bai. Paid for our ice cream, pastries and sake (what a combo) and headed next door to pick up our hot meals.

Which brings me to the present. I had my meal. Went upstairs to do some studying and then took a break for a little bit of warm sake. Kampai!!

I'm all better now. >^_^<

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm having a moment.

WEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT II3.0011/06/200712/10/2007
JAVA PROGRAMMING I3.0001/29/200803/03/2008
JAVA PROGRAMMING II3.0003/04/200804/07/2008
IMAGE EDITING3.0004/08/200805/12/2008
WEB DESIGN3.0005/13/200806/16/2008
ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING3.0006/17/200807/21/2008
INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN3.0007/22/200808/25/2008
MULTIMEDIA DEVELOPMENT3.0008/26/200809/29/2008

That's what my schedule looks like right now. At the moment I'm taking Web development II.

Can I tell you all that I want to quit. I am sooooooo tired.
And since I had surgery last week I feel like I'm two months behind in this class.
It's amazing what goes on in a week in these classes.

So that's it. My husband said "NO quitting, you're so close. If you quit now, you'll still have the student loan debt and nothing to show for it."
F@*#$ he's right again.

That's twice. Let's not tell him, because he would be impossible to live with of course. I think his head might explode.

I need a bumper sticker that says "I'd rather be knitting"
I'm sure there is one out there. I will find it someday when I have a second. But then again I might use that second to pee or something vital like that.

But you blog sooo much E you should have time. yeah I guess you're right. I'm just tired. The only time i have to myself to get homework done is after everyone has gone to bed. HEY!!! I want to sleep TOOO!!!
Sometimes I just feel like I'm going to lose my mind. Trying to write a paper or a response to a question while nodding off is getting really old.

So tonight I'm having a moment. You know the feeling? When your face gets real hot and your eyes water up (what are those called?) and your nose gets all tight feeling, and what else your chin quivers or something involuntary like that.

To make matters worse I have a 15 year old that thinks she has the whole flippin world figured out and is just so frustrated with school. What I wouldn't give right now to have only ONE job and that is just be a student. Not anything else. Not cleaning the house, not paying bills, not grocery shopping, not taking care of babies, not doing laundry, or cooking dinner, JUST study.
She sees me strugglin' to squeeze in extra study time, and still she decides that this year is f*$%#@# off year. But you know what I'm letting MR. Right two times this week handle it, because one I'm her step mom and she doesn't listen to me, but daddy and her will have a coming to Jesus and everything will tighten back up.

She's makeing excellent grades in other classes, but has decided that Chemistry and Algebra2 are not important MEH. (so those of you that know her's not because of that.) She's decided and is 100% absolutely sure she's going to be a hairdresser and is 101% positive she's not going to change her mind. NOW we all know that no one needs chemistry or algebra to cut some bangs, or do an updo. right?


She's been an A/B student since kinder not a c in sight. Things started to slide and eyes began to roll and the sighs became louder last year. ..........................ARRRGH whatever I'm done with that subject that child frustrates the hell out of me. Teenage entitlement complex BS KILLS me.

I've NEVER wanted to shake a crying baby. But I do want to shake a sighing eye rolling teenager. I want to shake them real hard and fast. WAKE UP and LISTEN.... this isn't the B*R*A*V*O network it's real F*&@#!! LIFE. I think their thick skulls can handle it.

That's mean huh? I'm not a mean person, but I'd like to play one on TV.

I"m done bitchin' thanks for reading and if I lost you half way through it, sorry.
I'm off to read more about functions and there usezZZzZzzzzzzzzzZzzzZzzzzzzZZZzzZZZ

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I don't have a title for this.

Today will be my follow up or post op appointment with my surgeon. You all have no idea how much I want to snip off these stitches. They itch like crazy. (heehee)

I can't wait till tonights Project Runway. Today they are showing Season 3 marathon. I'm so tired of these commercials. (in a fake fem kid like voice)"I am pure raw talent and I'm kind of a big deal." At first I thought it was funny. But now I just hit the mute button. LOL.

OH! I have to tell ya'll my friend Mary came over last night and she brought me a gift. How cool is that? Since I was stuck home all last weekend and couldn't make it to the fiber festival she brought me a skein of the softest wool I have ever smashed my face into. :D It is anything but plain but it's called Plain & Fancy Sheep and Wool Co. From Henderson, TX. It's fabulous and I'm so looking forward to playing with my pretty ball of yarn. :D I feel some fetching in my future. :D

Well I hear the baby talking in his crib which means he's done with his nap and I'm done with my post for today.

Auf Wiedersehen!

Monday, November 12, 2007

What the Doctor ordered for those Monday Blues

Happy Monday!

That's a pretty catchy toon. I want to play it all day and wiggle to it, k here i .....OUCH never mind!! @#$%*&E#%@

Sunday, November 11, 2007

What a week

I am 3 days post op. I was pacing this house like a caged lioness. Till I just couldn't take it any longer. Yesterday I had felt really good, I didn't take any vicodin and only took the Motrin as needed. So I'm pretty happy that everything seems to be healing up rather nicely. It's itchy.

Ever had a BOMBSTIK. I busted out of my medical induced house arrest and little E and I went to score a few. We came home with 4 of these bad boys

Edited note: A bombstik is a fudge/banana flavored frozen deserty yummy goodness, popsicle. The combination sounds a little weird. But it's just delish!

My husband was totally against it but if there was a bombstik in it for him, well let's just say I twisted his little pinky enough. That and I'm sure he was sick of hearing me grumble.

I skipped kid n ewe this year, it's a fiber festival about 30 minutes out of town, a cake walk for us country drivers. I can't believe the amount of complaining I hear from folks here in the city.
GEEZ, they act like they've got to drive 30 minutes just to get to a grocery store or something. Target? I don't want to go to Target!! It's too faaaaahhhhrr.
Far? try living in BFE for 5 years wear no one can hear you scream. Where if you were out of milk at 10pm you were SOL. Till the next day. Sorry unnecessary ranting.

Anyhow as I was saying missed the festival and was very upset and bitchy about it. But my little tra-la-la to the gas station left me with no doubt that it was best for me to stay home and my hubby was right. So y'all know I got a "you seeeeee, you should listen to your man."


"I know you were right. Make sure you mark it in your diary." I said. "Dear Diary, it is November 11, 2007 and I was right today. Love, ****"

It wasn't terrible just uncomfortable. The seatbelt was pushing on my belly button, the shoulder harness was rubbing on the other incisions. The bumpy bumpy of the truck was just as uncomfortable.

Well the baby has an appointment on Tues in the old town we lived in, but I think I will be rescheduling I don't think I will be up to par yanking that kid in and out of the car seat base. OUCH!!

I have an appointment myself that I have yet to make on Wednesday we'll see how that goes. I'm sure I will be WAAAAY better then.

Like I said no bad pain, just uncomfortable. Annoying is more like it. But I am so glad I got it done. It was getting progressively worse.

So now I just need to my old house to get bought. (that's bad English i know) I need that to happen and life will be tolerable for the time being. Because we all know life happens. So I can't say I just need that to happen and life will be perfect because we all know nothing is perfect.

Life will be good.

So HELLO UNIVERSE. BUY MY HOUSE!!! for asking price that would be even better.

night y'all.

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

I skipped another day

Oh well. Even my school is falling behind but yesterday I devoted to purely me, vicodin and the bed.

We got very intimate vicodin and I. I think today I won't need it. I slept as much as I could. Part of me felt guilt, because I should be doing something with the baby or my son the part of me was slapping me around and ordering me to bed. So I went to bed and man does that really help.

Food wise. I don't know I'm pretty hungry but I'm afraid to eat. lol. So soup and jello still. Peach jello rocks y'all.

I better go I should get some work done before I get so behind I fail this class.

thanks for readin'

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Blessed art thou anesthesiologist

I went in with a gall bladder and left with out. I don't remember what happened in between. I can't even keep my eyes open right now. LOL.

So this wiil have to be a very short post. See ya tomorrow.


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

C'est dur dur etre maman.

Oui Il est difficile d'ĂȘtre une maman qui a la douleur d'estomac.

I had the roughest night last nigh. This was an absolute test of my faith. But soon I shall be sleeping soundly and no paying homage to my porcelain goddess. I had another gallbladder attack last night. And the craziest thing about it is that I am officially booked for surgery tomorrow, to have my gall bladder removed.

Yesterday I went to get some blood work done and it was the best prick I ever had. *BLUSH* ROFL* This phlebotomist was awesome she said you're going to feel a sting or something standard like that. I felt her fingers and that is all. It was awesome. I have Grave's Disease so blood draws are pretty standard thing for me and I've had all kinds lab tech. Good, Bad, and hopeless. (Usually though it's my fault I have the deep stupid rolly veins.) They love me. :D

So yeah, surgery tomorrow. I'm a little nervous, more nervous about getting an IV ;) and the anesthesia. I hope I don't say anything stupid and incriminating. LOL like were the snicker stash is kept. (Dang I really wish I had a snicker stash....,mmmmm the almond kind.)
My mother in law says that these days there has been lots of advances on the anesthesias being used that people don't usually wake up combatant and freaked out. I hope I'm in the majority.
I have never in my whole life had surgery. I've had 2 children. I've been hospitalized 3 times once when I was a little bity girl and then the births of my two children. That's it, so I'm a little bit anxious. But I'm going to try to do some proactive things today to get my mind in a calm state.

Music. Music is always good.

On a knitting note. I got side tracked and started working on little red devil hat for the baby. It was suppose to be a Halloween costume but that's a long story. So soon I will finish. and post picture. I know you will like it. So long my friends see ya on the other side. Tomorrow that is after I come out of surgery.


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

C'est Dur dur etre bebe

Where is he now? He must be about 20 or so. Gosh that just makes feel old. But I loved this song when it came out. I even bought the cassette ROFL. Did I just say cassette. OH I really just dated myself.

Poor kid. The beginning of this video must have been traumatic for this poor kid. LOL.

To think it just started out as a playful experiment. Daddy recorded a few snippets of him and made a mixed song useing his samples. It was released and became a hit.

He was such a cutie.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Class is out.

Tomorrow is the last day of my web development course.

I can't say how much relief I feel that one more class is over and I can move on to the next.

So long Turkeys!!

Nine more classes to go.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

The importance of backing up.

This is my public announcement for the month of November.

No I'm not referring to what you do in a vehicle or a new dance move.

I'm talking about backing up all of you digital things. How often do perform a back up of all your work. Knitter's you've recorded most of your work in digital picture form but have you taken a moment to burn it on a CD of DVD.

There are many ways to back up data. I mean all your pictures, patterns, letters, memos, emails that you just have to keep, recipes, artwork that you create, scrap booking ideas and yes even your bookmarks.

You can:
  • Burn a compiled Cd
  • Burn a compiled DVD
  • Use an external hard drive
  • You could use and online service that you pay and they store the info for you (I wouldn't go that far unless I had a business)
But basically the idea is to have your stuff copied at least once or twice and stored in a safe place. You are probably asking why all this concern about me backing up my stuff Enid. Well, I don't want you to learn the hard. One day you will come home to check your email. You will sit at your computer hit the power button and nothing or worst yet loud clicking noises arise from the box that should be booting up but isn't. I'd hate to see all these great ideas and pictures just disappear with no hopes of recovery because in case you dont' know this, but unless you know someone that knows someone that can hook you up and perform a very expensive procedure for free. Well you are pretty much SOL. Hard drive recovery is difficult sometimes and often times expensive.

So you know those blank CDs you purchase to rip music or movies well set a couple aside and burn yourself a back up.

I just finished cleaning house (moving files around and burning them to disc) so this is why I decided to blog about it.

I probably have copies of copies of copies but you know what, I'm okay with that. I've had 2 hard drives crap out on me and I've lost some really good stuff for being overly confident and taking for granted that computers don't always work when they are supposed to.

Backing up all these blog post wouldn't be such a bad idea either. I've lost a lot of blog posts because I didn't archive them.

Used to just create my post in Word, then cut and paste to my blog. So I would keep a copy on my hard drive as well. But the I got lazy and didn't do and well the rest is history.

Another thing I do is I burn two back ups and one I store and the other I use. Get it? Is stored scratch free and the other one is used when ever I need it.

CD and DVD don't last forever either so from time to time those back ups you made a year ago it's time to redo them or at least look and see if they are still readable. I don't remember why this happens but their shelf life is not eternity. (Does that sound bitchy, I don't mean it to be honestly.)

Well have a great weekend Y'all.

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Friday, November 02, 2007

NaBloPoMo minus one day

As I sat at my laptop head tilted back mouth gaping open, eyes flickering back and forth in rapid eye movement. With one abrupt "PSST" and a giggle I was interrupted and taken away from my deep meditation and my blogging mojo drifted off like a plum of smoke.
My husband stood on the foot steps of our stairs, with a big smile on his face and giggling at the site of his silly wife.

He came to me and talked me into coming to bed. :) I did and with that ended day one of November 1st. NO blog post to start off NaBloPoMo.

Already I suck at this. LOL.

And with that I leave you with this little nugget. My youngest as a little man for halloween. The mustache is a mess because he wouldn't stay still. He kept trying to eat the pencil.

Snap Shots