Wednesday, April 30, 2008

House For SALE

The house we own in the country which we put on the market in October is still ON the market. Nothing yet. Paying rent and a mortgage is getting pretty old. Although I'm fortified to know that my Realtor is truly working to get us some more traffic. She called on Monday with dates of journal releases and one TV show in May that shows houses and property. It airs Sunday mornings and cycles through a group of listings, hopefully that will generate some more inquires.

I'm going to do something that I would never typically do but I'm going to link it here.

All rock house 4 bedroom/ 2 bath 2093sqft. on 49.16 acres

The house is only about 2 years old. The commute for my husband got old. It just time for us to readjust our lifestyle. The country life wasn't really for us. At least not right now. If all conditions were perfect, I would move back in a heart beat. If I could magically bring my house with me. I would.

That's more information that I have ever posted about myself. I feel a little naked. LOL.

Anyhow maybe someone that is reading this knows someone looking for a country home, with lots of room to stretch their wings.

We worked so hard to build this home, we did a lot of work ourselves, well non crucial work. Electrical, plumbing, framing, insulation, was done by licensed professionals. We documented everything. I have pictures from start to finish of every nook and cranny of this house. It was a real experience. A lot of work, but a lot of love was put into it. So hopefully the next owners will feel that love.

Think positive "Selling Energy" thoughts and send them our way.

Check in.

Just a quick check in.
I have really had the inspiration to post about anything. Life for me these last 3 - 4 weeks has been kind of turbulent. My mind somewhat unfocused. I've been angry, sad, ambivalent you name it.

But as does everything in life, given some time everything will change again. Seems rather difficult to see into the future or be patient enough to wait for that change.
I do know this. I have two wonderful boys, and a really awesome husband. They my "raison de etre".

Made a D- in my Java II programming class. The last two weeks of that session were high stress, and on top of that programming is not my forte. But fortunately for me it will still count. Well that's what they told me at least. I was so disappointed, but at the end of the day the D- I got in my Java II class will not be the deciding factor on whether or not I get the job I want.

Started Image Editing last week. I LOVE it.
Initially I was really upset because this prof seemed a bit wound up on word counts and papers. But I love this subject matter so much that it seems that I don't lack for words when I write my discussion question posts.

Not much knitting going on. Got other projects in the works, like pool cleaning.
I've dropped about 300$ on this pool already in just chemicals and pool replacement parts like a new pump, baskets hoses lids, plugs. etc.
Is it still cloudy?? Sure why not. Am I frustrated beyond belief?? Absolutely.
But my arms are going to be Rockin' by the end of this summer. Biceps of steel aquatic style. HMMMM I might just make a work out video and sell it to the masses.
They could buy my specially designed pool and pool tools and video for a whale of deal of only $4999.00 that's only 71 e-z payments of $69.99 each.

ROFL!! Been watching to many infomercials can you tell.

Tada for now.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

MInd vacation

Around The World In 80 days
Travel around the world in this colorful game inspired by Jules Verne's classic novel!
Arrange game pieces into matching groups of three or more across four continents in a spectacular adventure on land, sea and air!

I've taken a mind vacation, be back in a week maybe.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just as the dust settles.

Body aches,
sensitive skin.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

time to PARTY!!

One more session down. Moving forward. Given all the obstacles I have been through these last five or so weeks, I think I owe myself a little R&R.

So we begin with a little CHA CHA slide.

You know you want to get up and stomp to your leFF!!

ciao amichi!!

Snap Shots