Friday, September 28, 2007

Moving Diaries: Part III

Day three: We did as much packing as we could in the time that we gave ourselves. DH (darling husband) had to work the next day.
The packing stories are getting boring I know.

When we got home we were treated to a great dinner by my friend and fellow knitter Mary. She made us Meatballs in freshly made sauce, YUMMMMOOO. Just the right comfort food after a long days work. It was a hit with the family DH husband even asked "So what's for dinner tomorrow."

So that about sums it up for the first weekend of moving. Last weekend was more of the same and little disappointment since we had to go another week with out getting the house on the market.
The goal is to clear up some main rooms so the realtor can come and take pictures.

This weekend has also put a damper on finishing up at the house. DH has to work saturday, cutting our time some. I feel like this move is going to take forever. I think if we had the moving van again we could probably knock it out. But it's so expensive. Luckily we're not in to much of a hurry. Not yet at least.

I should be using the theory of the Secret. So in theory i should be saying. I am so grateful that my house is on the market already and that our house has sold for very close to asking price.
And I do, that unwavering faith is difficult to keep, when other things keep getting in the way.
I'm not whining just babbling. I know that everything will fall into place and soon we will be able to truly enjoy being back in the city. Although I miss my house in the country so much. I miss the big space, the peacefulness and quietness. But I am grateful that my children are closer to school, and I'm closer to my friends. That's a super cool thing.

Got to run I hear the baby growling. Heh that's his new thing, he growls and then smiles. LOL.
We can already see that he's developing a sense of humor like his big brothers. I feel so fortunate.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Movig Diaries II

Day Two: Another day, tell me it was all a bad dream. Tell me that I don't have to get up and begin this insane packing all over again. Every joint in my body is throbbing because my own bed is already packed away to the moving van. (no pictures sorry, I can't find all hardware to my camera) Okay so lets fast forward that day. Let's fast forward just after we've closed off the house. Daddy and LittleE have left. That leaves baby, big sister, grandma (MIL) and me behind. We pack up the last few thing, lock up and begin our trip to the new place, about an hour away.

Grandma was gonna follow me but while we were on the highway I glanced back and realized they were exiting the highway. So I called. "Oh we just wanted to stop and get an ice tea." OOoohkay. "Well I'm going to get off at the **** exit and get some gas. That would give you a chance to catch up."

So I called my husband, and he said he was behind us. Him and LittleE had gone the long way so they were way behind. But for some reason, I was so out of it that I had lost my exit. Turns out that I was way closer to the new place. And I'm low on gas. I thought well I don't want to get gas on the south side of town. Okay so I'm just going to go with the flow, I have just enough gas to take me to the house but I'm going to take a different exit than everyone else because I know of a gas station right where I need it. Okay. so .

Daddy and son way behind, grandma and big sister have stopped for tea and have probably gotten back on the highway by now and should be catching up by now. I get my gas and have proceeded towards our new home, HEY better call my best friend she said she would meet us their but I'm running behind now. I have taken this one road that cuts through and take me straight to the main road that i need to be on. OH look a detour. WHAT?!? Great. I successfully made it through and have arrived at the gate to our new place, I type in the code. "Access denied" WTF? Okay. let me do it again. NOPE. I'm a little freaked at the moment because the vehicles are piling up behind me waiting to get in. OH guess who is behind me. Grandma and big sis, HUH? another vehicle waiting patiently and pulling up the line My husband and his tiny assistant. Too crazy, we all took separate routes all very different and we ended up showing up at the same time. I thought that was bizarre. So I began to punch random numbers (well not so random) but I some how got the gate open.
it was meant to be.

Minutes after we parked all the vehicles my girlfriend pulled up with another friend of our and we just did turbo unpacking. we ripped through that big moving van, that took us two half days to pack. I'd say it took us about 1 -2 hours to finish. (actually I don't know how long it took but it seemed like someone hit the fast forward button and we were all just running around like a big bunch of maniacs. The coolest part was when a path was cleared to my piano and our friend E, started playing, it sounds so good in a moving van. HEh. *SIGH* good times.

Another friend of mine showed and that was really cool. Mary came by and hung out for a bit, and she drove us to get some food and beers.
I thought that was the perfect end to a busy day, food and beers with good people and good friends. I couldn't be any luckier to have such great friends come to my rescue.

Day three: we returned the van and returned to our house in the country to do some more packing and cleaning, because although we took a big bite out of it. We are only maybe a 1/2 done. There is much packing to be done, and everything seems so hen pecked. ERRRRGH!
(to be continued)

P.S I love my cable TV. and I love trash day. :) Yes I said trash day.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

moving diaries.

Day one: Friday 14. Sure pick up the keys, show hubby house (he hadn't seen it yet) pick up moving van.
Picking up the keys took like 30 minutes plus. She didn't know where they were, couldn't find the property manager. Didn't have a copy of my lease ready. You get the picture.
Hubby saw the house he liked it.
On our way to pick up the moving van we got lost. We spent like 1o minutes looking at his stupid smart phone (I made an oxymoron didn't I) trying to get the website to load properly so we could look at a map. To only find out that if we had just gone a little further up we would have found it.
Hubby and little man went home in the big truck and I took the remainder of the gang and we went on a quest for a piano dolly. Found one, got it. Back on the road to begin moving. Grabbed dinner. That pretty much was the whole day. We ate and we began packing the big stuff.
Went to bed at about 1 am only to have the crazy worst night ever. My alarm goes off spontaineously at 1202am (that was just the beginning before we went to bed) Got the kiddos to bed, the baby is picking up hyper vibes so he's a little restless. At about 330am another alarm goes off. Nobody set this alarm. we get back to sleep the baby wakes up again crying. finally back to sleep, another alarm goes off spontaneously about 5 or 6 something am. WTF???

Day Two: (to be continued)

a quick note:
I have have internet access!!! It's freaking FAST!! I've had ISDN lines for the last two years.
I have cable OMG!! I went into a channel changing comatose for like 10 minutes.

I have gallstones...did I tell you all that I can't remember. I met with a surgeon, he said I could wait till after the move and everything has settled to have my surgery.

I bet I already talked about that, if I did forgive me senior moment.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I've been Raveled-in

I know that's one messed up word. I love to mess words up.


I received my invite to ravelry. My Username is Eknitation (HAHA).
That's a really great site. If only i had the time to do all that inventory myself.
Well one step at a time I suppose.

For now I'm off have lots of packing to do and a few phone calls to make. Gosh everytime I think of what I have to do today and the next few days my stomach churns and does somersaults and backflips, the butterflies are having seizures. Or maybe that's the coffee working.

Got my knitting stuff packed first don't you know. I bought special plastic containers for them. books, patterns, yarns and all. Nestled safely ready for it's new home.

If only i could wiggle my nose and make everything pack it's self. :D

Ciao for now.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

efx2-less. *sniffle*

I'm not sure what the circumstances are but our EFX2 has left us for a while. I'm sure Keith is working his butt off to get it fixed unless there is something I don't know about.

Something weird has been happening to me a few times. I don't smoke. Well I used to. But I have smoked for like 5 years. My house is a smoke free house. This is the weird thing everyonce in a while I smell a cigarette. I'll be on my couch just relaxing or doing something in my house. I smell smoke. weird.

Crazy week ahead. Selling our house and moving my family back to the big city. All for the greater good.

Snap Shots