Saturday, May 24, 2008

wHOO ..............aRe ............yoU?


I'm always up for a different experience. I used to just get in my car and drive and find a new little "place". Last night my SIL called and wanted to know if I wanted to go hang out. I'm on a two week break from school, I had also been cleaning house all day because I'm expecting guest today, but I was ready for a break from all that. I wanted to get away from the DH and the kids for a minute and just be. At first we started our usual trek with "what do you want to do?" "I don't know. What do you want to do?" heh. well you can understand how it will continue. So at first we go to this little place where I usually go with some of my knitter friends. Lots of beer, good vibes, positive environment, but it was packed. Not a seat in sight. So we gave up our princess parking spot, and drove around as we went through our what's next list.
Second stop, a little hole in the wall that plays alternative music, nice and loud, rockabilly, punk, you name. So loud you can loose your thoughts in every note. I lost my mind in a beer and song and was recharged. HEH. Two bands later, we were ready for another joint. :D

Shisha cafe? Hey why not. "You ever done it?" "" "cool. Let's do it"

Great food, and the most delicious strawberry smoothy I've ever had. It was awesome. Then the shisha came, with a suprise mix. It was nice, smooth, and fruitty. It was so hard to guess the flavor, but who cares. We were out, and enjoying the weather and the experience. It was pretty cool.

Next time we're bringing the dominoes, or maybe some knitting. :D
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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Down Memory Lane: "Convention '72"

I still have this 45. heh. I can't believe I found it on youtube.

I'm getting ready for the summer, and jammin' to some reggae music, when I ran into Double Barrel by Dave & Ansell Collins. In the intro he says "I-III am the magnificent" immediately I was taken back to hundreds of times I heard that thing. I thought it was so funny when I was a kid. Although there are some parts that are kind of/ well they are adult-ish. But I was so naive I didn't understand it. I just thought it was some tired or sad woman who couldn't get the words out. HHAHAHA. (You'll have to listen to understand it) Anyway I knew that album frontwards and back. Too funny. So I got to thinking, I wonder if Youtube has it. Of course it does and there it is.

You know if the candidate names were changed to current ones, it might still apply.

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