Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Multitasking is highly overrated.

Is it me or does multitasking create havoc in your household. Example.

MMM- I'm hungry. I go to the fridge and take out something for lunch, but the steaks are on the counter and needs to be defrosted. So I better work on that for a sec before I make my lunch. There are dishes in the sink, but I need the sink for my steaks. I start washing dishes. I also can't stand cooking in the kitchen until it's clean so I do some straightening up and wash some dishes. OH look a bunch of used dish towels that need to make there way to the laundry room. I'll take this one, this one, those and this one too.

In the laundry room. dryer is done and another load is ready in the washer. So guess what. I drop the towels, fold some clothes and remember I have a child who is completely capable of this job. Assign him to load the dryer and work my way back to the kitchen. I'd say 30 minutes later I begin lunch and you know what it's almost time for me to start dinner.

This is crazy. Luckily the baby was down for a nap, other wise in the middle of all that I would be stopping every other step to take an ornament away from him and place it back on the tree, or pull him off the piano/table/coffee table, wipe up some liquid he has managed to suck out of a sippy cup or bottle and spit every where or drip. WHY???
I need a shower. I'm going to put on my horse blinders and head straight to it or else I won't be in there till who knows when.

p.s. If there is a missing work or a type or something grammatically jacked up about this post, I hope you will understand.


Chris said...

I can admit it!! I've been there tons of times before!! It's understandable. You mainly want to take care of everything at that moment, so you end up leading to one thing or another. I think this also is one of the meaning for insanity...not sure.....hmmm

Michelle said...

Don't you just love how there are still people out there who believe that SAHMs have it easy? We just sit around and eat Bon-Bons and watch soaps all day. Yeeeeaaah...

Spacey Stacey said...

girrrl...... happens to me all the time.

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